What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

I just googled How to Live With a Broken Heart. A few years ago, I would have googled How to Recover from a Broken Heart. Or How to Bounce Back. How to Overcome. Basically, How to Get Over It Already. But now I am not so sure we are meant to “Get Over it.” Disappointment, death, and loss are a part of our world. What if they are not meant to be overcome but incorporated? I mean, does a person ever “recover” from the death of a loved one? No, we do not. It becomes a part of us and then we find a new way to navigate through darkened, unmapped corridors that we once knew so well. We learn to live with a new normal, or we try to fool ourselves that we can go back to the way things used to be, before the life alteration. Like fitting ourselves into clothing or shoes we have since outgrown. We cannot ever go back. We either allow ourselves to grow and change or we cling to the good ol days. We can never return. There is only one way, and it is forward. 

Wife to Ren for 23 years. Mom to 4 amazing teens. Writer. Creative. Entrepreneur. God chaser. Disciple maker. I love Jesus, and I love His Church. I inspire, challenge, and encourage women to pursue Jesus wholeheartedly, to lay hold of the abundant life in Christ waiting for them, and to become all God created them to be.

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