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    2020 Vision

    You can do anything you set your mind to. Finally, at 43 years old in 2019, at the end of a decade in which we have experienced so much change and growth, personally, globally, culturally, etc., I truly believe this. Do you? I haven’t always believed it. In fact, for years I thought that other people could do hard things, things that they set their minds to, but not me. I just wasn’t cut out for that kind of overachiever mumbo jumbo. Wasn’t wired for it. I was much to realistic for that nonsense. I was one of the less capable. Trust me, I know my shortcomings. I am one…

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    Let’s Ban #BanBossy

    Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In, and a bunch of other important people, are on a mission to ban the word “bossy.” They argue that the word is too often used as a negative label describing girls with natural leadership qualities. Really? I thought I was using it to describe someone, male or female, who is kind of a rude jerk. Before I rant about all that is wrong with this campaign, let me just state for the record that the campaign makes many points with which I actually agree. I am all for children, boys and girls, using their words to speak up and be…

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    For the Level of Humanity!

    Unless you have no internet connection, no television, never go to the grocery store, or aren’t on speaking terms with your mother, you have probably already heard the news:  George Clooney is getting married!  The internet is abuzz with THE woman who finally captured George’s heart.  Her name is Amal Alamuddin, and her resume is dizzying.  She’s an Oxford-educated human rights lawyer who, coincidentally enough, also looks like a supermodel.  She speaks three languages and her list of accomplishments range from representing Julian Assange to acting as advisor to Kofi Annan.  In other words, she isn’t mortal.