Advent –

The juxtaposition of the longing of the ancients with the unforeseen coming of our Christ.

Longing for home.




Fighting nagging feelings that once again things are not as they ought.

Restless souls,

Weary travelers.

Parched and perplexed.

Sick and tired of waiting –

For our luck to change.

For our earth to give way.

For wrongs to be made right.

For circumstance to have mercy.

For that bend in the road.

That crest of the hill.

Ready to coast,

Ready to reap.

Tired of ceaseless striving and sowing.

Arms and muscles ache from our work.

Weary for rest.

Ready for harvest.

Longing for favor, opportunity, and blessing.

Promised land.

So this is what advent means.





Craning our necks to see

The coming of our Savior.

The baby in a manger.

Coming to our rescue.

He alone is our refuge.

Hold us in thine arms,

And comfort us in our torment.

What goodness may we see in the land of the living?

What blessings this side of heaven?

May we see them now please?

How much longer must we wait?



Where is our Prince of Peace, where there is no peace?

Where is our rest in this land of constant war and sorrow?




Bring refuge for the refugee.

Bring your children home.

Let thy kingdom come.

Come home.



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Angela Buckland

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